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Deliverability Services

Get the time and attention that works for your business.


With all you have to manage as an email marketer, it would be nice to know you have someone keeping an extra eye on your email program each day. Return Path’s Deliverability Service Team works as an extension of your current marketing team, keeping checks on your deliverability metrics, giving expert advice, and guiding you through the ever changing world of email.

Let Our Team be an Extension of Yours

Whether you want a completely self-serve tool or want the Return Path team alongside you through it all, our services team will give you the time and attention that works for your business. Choose which level of support is right for you and your team:


Do It Yourself

With access to our tools suite, you can see your email program data in new ways. You can then use this data and our in-tool resources to make the changes to get into the inbox.


You Want a Coach

We’ll be there for you when you need us – helping you when issues arise. You’ll have the ability to reach out to your dedicated Return Path account person for advice, issue details, and related resources.


We Do It For You

Your account team will proactively monitor your email program, alerting you to anything that might be an issue – and what you should continue doing well. With this white glove service, we ensure your email program is being monitored and when issues surface, we solve them for you – taking it off your plate.

What our customers say

“The entire team at Return Path are not my vendors doing good work for me. They are true extensions of my Deliverability Team doing great work with me.”

Doug Henderson
Email Strategy & Deliverability Manager

Solution Package

A Solution Package is part of Return Path’s best-in-class service offerings. Each Solution Package includes a set number of Analysis Reports you can choose from to address a certain area of your email program. We start with your data and perform in-depth analysis and discovery around what you are doing right and where you need to improve.

Each includes a personalized report that outlines the focus areas, reviews data and findings, and identifies practical next steps to address the areas of concern. The findings are then presented to you by one of our email experts so you can actively ask questions and advice from the person who analyzed your data.

Analysis Reports help solve deliverability problems such as:

  • Spam traps
  • High Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD) junk votes
  • Gmail inbox placement

Analysis Reports help optimize your email program by focusing on your:

  • Email creative
  • Sign up & onboarding process
  • Winback strategy

Help Center

As a customer, you also have access to our Help Center portal where you are able to quickly access all of our latest knowledge when you need it to troubleshoot email deliverability issues.

You can easily access over 1,000 resources including product user guides, training videos, sender education and best practices, mailbox provider and blacklist information, and more giving you the tools you need, when you need them.

“I enjoy getting to know each client’s individual email program and needs. This knowledge allows us to tailor customized solutions for each client’s unique challenges and goals. You need a different approach for Gmail when dealing with the online Gifts/Flowers industry vs. Social Media or Finance. After all, if the emails you send should be personalized, shouldn’t the service and support you get be as well?”

Chace Barber
Senior Technical Account Manager at Return Path

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Contact Us

If you have questions or to speak with Return Path Client Services, please call 1-866-362-4577, or email us. For international inquiries please contact one of our Global Offices.