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We help you drive engagement and get noticed by ensuring your message is the right message that is most relevant to your customers.


Email marketers face a serious challenge in trying to catch and hold a customer’s attention. We help you drive engagement and get noticed by ensuring your message is the right message that is relevant to your customers and that it’s sent at the right time – when customers are in their inbox.

The average subscriber receives more than six emails each day, 53 percent of which are promotional.

Information overload is a fact of life, and nowhere is this more evident than in the inbox.

Our optimization tools drive your email superpowers, ultimately improving opens, clicks, conversions, and your return on investment. With increased insight into how, where, and when customers are reading your email, Return Path helps you build a winning email strategy.


What our customers say

“It is peace of mind to have another set of eyes looking at our sites and data at all times. My Return Path team is full of excellent best practices which helps us make better decisions to help increase deliverability and ultimately conversions.”

Stuart Hochwert
President at Prime Publishing

Email Client Monitor

Knowing which platforms your subscribers are using, their geolocation, and time spent reading your emails, you can design and optimize your emails for your subscribers.


Inbox Insight

Our data-driven insights include not only your own engagement metrics, but also show how customers are engaging with your competitors’ offers.


Inbox Preview

Make sure your emails look flawless across all devices, email clients, and browsers by instantly previewing your messages and receiving guidance on how to fix issues.


Dynamic Optimization

Using your data and our advanced analytics techniques, we provide customized sending solutions that improve deliverability, engagement, and email program ROI.


Evolution of Email

For nearly two decades, we’ve been evolving along with the email industry. Our superior email data and advanced analytics work together to solve email marketing problems, no matter how complex. We’re powered by EmailDNA.

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We Know Email

We’re experts in deliverability and driving results for your email marketing.

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